I have always been fascinated with the way people interact, whether it is in conversation or the environment they are in.  For instance, an example might be, going to a party, and there are certain people who are easy to talk to and others that the conversations is difficult; it is these types of interactions that I investigate in my work.  Can you predetermine what you are going to do in any situation?  Can you have the answers without knowing what the questions is?  My work investigates these interations.  All my artworks are handmade pieces of art. My paintings are handmade paints on canvas. While studying in Italy, I learned to make paints and all paintings are made with either crushed pastels or pigments mixed with egg yolks to make egg tempera. I find my inspiration for making art comes from my daily interaction with people and places I go.  I begin my work by laying out color, shapes, lines, and forms without a predetermined idea.  I step back and react to what I see, bring out shapes, and forms and reacting to what I see on the canvas.  Throughout my artistic development, you can see reoccurring themes with the use of shapes and colors.  All my works have a hint of landscape or portraits related to the world we live.  My drawings are pastels on canvas or paper, mostly large-scale. The sculptures are started by throwing a vessel on the potter’s wheel and then turning the piece over and hand building using the vessel as a base. By creating these sculptures with clay and using the potter’s wheel, I am investigating the idea of functional vs. non-functional art, as well as, nature vs. manufactured by the incorporation of wheel throwing, hand building, and glazing techniques.