Austin Neal Center was born in Chattanooga, Tennessee in 1973.  He has always been interested in art from his early childhood ceramics in Mrs. Philips art class or wood working class with Mr. Lowe, to his most recent paintings and sculpture.  Throughout his development, he has studied from several different artist and craftsman such as George Gabb, woodcarver from Belize, and Sinclair Ashley ceramicist.  These artists were major influences in leading him to study painting and art history in Florence, Italy under the tutelage of artist Jules Maidoff.  Austin also studied ceramics while in Italy and created many pieces including a series of raku firings in Tuscany, as well as working with Terri-Cotta, Majolica and glazing techniques.  Since graduating from the College of Charleston, Austin has lived in New York City for six years teaching Painting, Ceramics, Drawing, and Sculpture at the Children’s Museum of the Arts, as well as having a studio in Soho where he created works that have been exhibited in New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, South Carolina, Tennessee, and in many private collections.  Austin now resides in Chattanooga, Tennessee where he continues to develop his artistic talents.


Bachelor of Arts                                                                                                 CollegeofCharleston

SimonCenterfor the Arts                                                                                 Charleston,South   Carolina;

SACI                                                                                                                     Florence,Italy

Specialized Training:

Jules Maidoff, Artist                                                                                          Florence,Italy;

Sinclair Ashley, Ceramicist                                                                               Chattanooga,Tennessee;

George Gabb, Woodcarver                                                                               Belize

Shows/Displayed Works:

2010                                        Form and Space: Jewish Cultural Center

Works by Austin Center and Lawrence Mathis     Chattanooga, Tennessee

2009                                        Tanner Hill Gallery                                                    Chattanooga, Tennessee

2009                                        Friends of Special Children                                      Chattanooga, Tennessee

2009                                        Bright School Auction                                                Chattanooga, Tennessee

2008                                        Baylor School Auction                                               Chattanooga, Tennessee

2008                                        Tanner Hill Gallery                                                    Chattanooga, Tennessee

2007                                        Visions                                                                          Chattanooga,Tennessee

2007                                       BaylorSchoolAuction                                                  Chattanooga,Tennessee

2006                                       Cancer Society Auction                                              Chattanooga,Tennessee

2005                                        Steve and Barbie Potts                                               Chattanooga,Tennessee

“Night with the Artist”

2005                                        Spoleto                                                                          Charleston,South   Carolina

2005                                        Karpeles Museum                                                       Charleston, South Carolina


2005                                       SpencerArtGallery                                                       Charleston,South Carolina

Large Painting Gallery;

2004                                        Umbedingt Gallery                                                     Charleston,South Carolina

24 Hour Exhibit;

2003                                        Mizpah Temple Auction                                              Charleston, South Carolina

2002                                        Colodero Art Gallery                                                     New Jersey

2002                                        Monique Goldstrom Gallery                                        New York

2002                                        Mural “Remembering 911”                                           New York

Children’s Museum of the Arts;

2001                                        Hewitt School Auction                                                   New York

2000                                        Baylor School Auction                                                   Chattanooga, Tennessee

2000                                        “A Day with a Budding Artist” Williams Gallery      Worchester Massachusetts

1999                                        Inside Out, Children’s Museum of the Arts,                New York

1999                                        GetReal Art Gallery                                                           New York

1998                                        Spectrum, Hunter Museum of American Art,             Chattanooga, Tennessee

1998                                        “Arts on the Block” SOHO                                               New York

1997                                        Spoleto Festival                                                                  Charleston, South Carolina

1997                                        Visions                                                                                 ChattanoogaTennessee

1996                                        Miscellany Arts Editor                                                     Charleston, South Carolina

College of Charleston

2 responses

  1. Anne Rittenberry

    Austin, I had no idea that your art experience was so comprehensive. This list is fabulous!

    July 17, 2012 at 4:14 pm

  2. Dear Austin Neal Center,

    My name is Maria Stella. I am a gallery representative, working with Agora Gallery, which is located in Chelsea, the art district of New York City.

    May I send you some information about the gallery and promotional services which may be of interest to you?

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Best regards,

    Maria Stella
    Gallery Representative | Agora Gallery

    July 27, 2017 at 10:24 am

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